“This exhibition is offered as a democratic piazza calling international attention to the importance of education and schools as places for discussion and mutual exchange.” --Reggio Children

“We are entering upon revolutionary times with emphasis upon depth of knowledge rather than just upon its extent. We are discovering that thoughtful learning promotes not only human competence, but also creative dignity. The wonders of learning, we now know, are many indeed!” --Jerome Bruner (psychologist and educational theorist), The Wonder of Learning Catalogue

In 1991, Newsweek hailed the preschools and infant-toddler centers of the municipality of Reggio Emilia as among the best in the world. International acclaim and interest followed, and “The Hundred Languages of Children” exhibition was created to inform the world about the work of the children and teachers of Reggio Emilia. The exhibit has traveled to thirty-one countries, including forty cities in the United States. In each host city, the exhibit’s positive impact has reportedly led to an increased focus on the quality of early education programs in local communities.

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